The sun protection provided by awnings, sunscreens and external blinds is a key factor for health and well-being in our daily lives.

Somfy motor and control systems enhance our well-being by adding convenience, thermal comfort and environmental efficiency.

By choosing a Somfy automated awning, sunscreen or external blind you maximise the functionality of your product and gain a much desired flexibility that is simply not possible with a manual system.

  • Convenience

    With the simple touch of a button you can move your awning, sunscreen or blind to whatever position you like. You can also add sensors and timers so your products work for you even when you're not at home.

  • Longer Lifespan

    Somfy's smooth and controlled operation of awnings, blinds and sunscreens ensures both maximum functionality and a longer lifespan of the product. Manual operation can damage blinds and awnings through excessive force or improper use.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Reduce your energy usage by controlling the amount of heat and light entering your home. All it takes is a simple touch of a button to change the feel of a room.

  • Safety

    Loose cords and chains are a danger to young children. With Somfy automated awnings, sunscreens and external blinds, the cords and chains are completely removed, providing peace of mind for you and a safer environment for your children.

  • Quiet & Discreet

    Somfy world leading motors are fully concealed within the awning or sunscreen. With the simple press of the remote control you will enjoy the ambiance and impress your guests with a quiet and sophisticated automated sun protection system.

Controls & Sensors Overview

As a world leader in automation systems, Somfy offer a range of control solutions to meet any requirement in the automation of window furnishings in the home or office. Somfy’s unique and stylish range of remote controls provides users with the ultimate in convenience – all at the touch of a button.
In conjunction with the broad range of Somfy sensors, you have the ability to create energy efficient, convenient environments to improve the well-being of occupants in all living spaces.


  • Telis ModVar RTS (1 or 5 channel) - Revolutionary scroll wheel functionality – specific for venetian blinds – for precise adjustment of horizontal blind slats. Available in a choice of colours including pure, silver and lounge.
  • Telis ModVar Soliris RTS (1 channel) -Turn your sun sensor on and off with the touch of a button plus precise adjustment of horizontal blind slats. Available in a choice of colours including pure, silver and lounge.
  • Telis 16 RTS (16 channel) - Unique display screen allows for easy operation of up to 16 individual motors or 16 groups of motors. Available in a choice of colours including pure and silver.
  • Telis 6 Chronis RTS (6 channel) - Allows programming of up to 6 timed events per day, plus the benefits of a 6 channel Somfy remote. Available in a choice of colours including pure and silver.
  • Smoove RTS wall mounted control (1 channel) - Wall mounted, single channel control unit, up/down and stop functions or open/close and stop function. Available in a choice of modules and frames: modules available in 3 finishes and framed available in 7 finishes.
  • Situo RTS wall mounted remote control (1 channel) - Wireless wall mounted transmitter to control one motor or a group of motors. Available in pure.
  • Eolis RTS wind sensor - Automatically retracts a sunscreen or awning based on wind speed.
  • Soliris RTS sun and wind sensor - Automatically adjusts the position of a sunscreen or awning based on wind speed and/or a preset amount of sunlight.