Commercial Building Solutions:

There are a wide range of intelligent motors and controls available that have been designed to optimise the utilisation of natural light in a workspace.

These systems are calibrated and designed to:

  • minimise solar glare
  • minimise heat gain and loss through glazing
  • provide UV protection.
  • maximise occupant comfort levels
  • enhance the visual environment
  • respond to the surrounding environmental conditions

Automated Solar Management Actively Contributes To Reducing a Buildings Energy Consumption.

Applications include Offices, Hospitality, Health Care and Education.


Classification of Intelligent Controls for Commercial Buildings:

1.Local Command Systems:

Various technologies are available ( radio, wired and digital ) that can be adapted to building types depending on the number of shading systems and configurations of rooms. Please refer to Wired Technology, Home Automation, Building Management Systems and Smart Device Control as outlined in our website.

2.Animeo Intelligent Building Controls:

Animeo is a range of intelligent controls which are compatible with and capable of managing all motorised sun shading systems. They have been developed and designed to adapt to any building facade and act to optimise the management of sun, heat, ventilation and shade depending on the the buildings geolocation, architecture and purpose.


Functions and Benefits of the Animeo Automated Solar Management Systems:

a. Visual Comfort:

– a basic sun function which lowers blinds in direct glare and retracts them if not required.
-sun tracking to maximise the amount of natural light which is allowed to enter a room whilst avoiding direct glare.
-shadow management at a window or group level to reduce the need for artificial lighting.
-lowering of blinds at night to avoid the discomfort associated with external lighting.

b.Increased Building Energy Performance:

-commands given by sun sensors linked to indoor and outdoor temperature sensors act to control blinds according to pre-set parameters.
-control of solar heat gain by allowing the suns natural energy to heat the building as required.
-avoiding heat loss and thereby reducing heating costs by lowering blinds as temperatures dictate.

c. Maintenance and Safety:

-all blinds are retracted and local commands are disable when interior or exterior maintenance is carried out on the building.
-links to fire alarms ensures all blinds are retracted in the event of a fire.
-sensors protect the external shading sytems from the risk of damge associated with high winds, hail, frost and ice.
-display of the entire systems floor plan, including sensor performance and status of each shading device ( this includes the exact positioning of each blind during its course of movement).
-remote access to the Control System via an OPC server.