We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our external venetian range, the ev93D. The unique 93mm slats have been designed to enhance wind stability and light control, with the D in its name directly referencing its room darkening capabilities.

The clever contour of the slat allows each blade to interlock perfectly to block out unwanted light whilst at the same time allowing minimal stack heights when retracted. These features, when coupled with a Neoprene rubber insert on the front edge of each slat to prevent noise and damage whilst enhancing its thermal reflective properties, create one of the most technologically advanced automated louvre systems of our era.

In addition to these developmental design benefits, each ev93D is constructed with Hagofix slat attachment and guidance systems. The Hagofix system embeds a stainless steel connector into the rolled edge beading of the slat which then attaches to a spigot fastened to a Kevlar/aramid woven tape. This provides extremely secure fastening and stability and allows extensive and incremental control of blade angles. It also ensures that each slat cannot swivel or slide out of position. The UV resistant woven synthetic connecting element, with exact fold points, further acts to provide perfect closure and minimal stacking.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 1.40.26 pm
ev93D slats

The ev93D is typically lowered closed (vertically at 0 degrees) and raised in the horizontal (90 degrees open) position. Stable, secure and refined operation is also guaranteed by the Zamac side pins which are mechanically riveted to the slats and engage in our range of extruded aluminium side guides. Each side channel has a patented keder insert to reduce any associated noise and friction. Similar to the ev80, the lifting system relies on a UV stable Texband tape which passes through Precision machined, punched and drawn holes along the length of the slats.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 1.40.44 pm
Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 1.40.53 pm

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