ev80 & ev93D warranty

The name evaya is an acronym of many individual elements. Like our team and product range these have been fashioned to work in perfect harmony. When you see the evaya logo you can be assured that you have become part of an organisation that is driven by solutions, performance and passion. With established clientele, we endeavour to strengthen our position in the market through continual improvement and unique lead times, while always ensuring critical client support is readily available.

External venetians are designed to provide solar shading and privacy. They can be lowered, retracted and tilted incrementally to control heat, light and glare. They are manufactured, supplied and installed by evaya in strict accordance with Australian regulations and standards. When installed and maintained in accordance with these guidelines they will outperform any alternative.


evaya offers a comprehensive warranty across our product range. This includes a manufacturer supported guarantee on all components, workmanship and installation for a period of 3 years, subject to proven adherence to the maintenance program as detailed below. Extended warranties are available upon request.

No product claim will be recognised through customer misuse. Maintenance and repair of products outside the warranty period will be charged out to the customer. Any warranty works deemed necessary will not include the hire or supply of access equipment or cost of associated electrical works.


evaya cannot guarantee installation work and resultant damage if carried out by a third party.

General Hazard and Safety Information

  • Property damage and bodily injury may result from improper handling or disregarding the relevant safety information.
  • In the event of damages resulting from non-observance of these instructions or of the accompanying documentation, all warranty claims become null and void.
  • evaya accepts no liability for consequential losses or damages.

When operating an external venetian, ensure no obstacles (furniture, plants, chairs etc.) are located in their path. Never lower them with a window open (Australian standards and guidelines (BASIX regulations)) and never manually handle the unit or force operation.

Care should be taken not to modify or alter either the ev80 or ev93D as manufactured. evaya must be consulted for engineering details and information should any modification be contemplated