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Modern innovative shading solutions created specifically for our climate and way of life. Inspired by performance and passion.

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Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.
External Venetian Blinds

form and function

Combining European component technology and precision with in house product development has allowed us to develop a unique range specificly designed for an Australian climate.
Streamlined and functional, the ev80 and ev93D are capable of efficiently shading large expanses of glass and creating a striking facade. Their unique design allows clients to incrementally control heat, light, glare and privacy. They can be raised, lowered or adjusted to allow the passive entrance of warmth and brightness into a home while maintaining exterior views.
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Cosham Home With Evaya Venetians
high performance

External shading

Streamlined and functional, the ev80 and ev93D are capable of efficiently shading large expanses of glass whilst at the same time creating a striking fascade.

Their unique design means they can be operated to allow the entrance of natural light without glare, all the while maintaining exterior views.

Australian owned

Manufactured locally

Available in a range of styles and finishes and able to be retracted and concealed when not in use, all our blinds are manufactured and engineered at our premises located on the Mornington Peninsula.

This not only ensures we can provide unique lead times, it also means that critical client support and assistance is readily available.

European technology

Quality components

Combining European component technology and precision with ongoing in house product development allows us to create high performance shading designed specifically for our climate.

Engineered to provide shade and cooling in warmer months while allowing the passive entrance of solar radiation during colder periods.


Effectiveness of external venetians

Utilising the innate properties of aluminium, which provides high solar radiation reflection and low absorption and transmission values, the ev80 and ev93D act to effectively reduce household energy requirements, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions and expenditure.

Locally and environmentally, these systems maximise internal light and thermal comfort levels whilst allowing external views to be maintained.


Effective use of external venetians

As a general rule, the ev80 and ev93D are lowered in the vertical or closed (0 degrees) position and raised in the horizontal position (90 degrees).

The slats can be tilted and rotated at various angles between these parameters. This may be altered, if required, with a maximum 160 degree operating range possible for the ev80.


To reduce heating energy requirements in Winter

In the space between a window and a closed external venetian blind, an air pocket forms which prevents heat from being transported outside. Buildings with unshaded windows will emit radiation towards the outside environment and experience significant energy loss as a result.

The slats act as an effective radiation shield to prevent the loss of heat. The amount of solar radiation and light entering through the glazing can also be incrementally controlled. Simply tilting the blinds allows sunlight to be focused into a room which assists with passive warming during the cooler months.


To reduce cooling loads in Summer

  • Open the windows whenever the outside temperature is lower than the temperature inside the building.
  • Close the windows when the outside temperature exceeds the inside temperature.
  • If it is necessary to ventilate a room during high outside temperatures, do so briefly and intensively.
  • Over the entire day keep the system in a closed position such that there is just enough light to eliminate the need for artificial lighting. (The visible spectrum of solar radiation contains a great deal of thermal energy which will heat up the room).

To reduce cooling loads in Summer

  • Use cross ventilation whenever possible.
  • Adjust the slats in such a way that ideal lighting is maintained using daylight for the whole day.
  • Avoid using artificial lighting, noting that daylight provides the room with four times the brightness per watt, which in turn means that artificial lighting heats the room up to four times as much as daylight. In addition and most importantly, daylight increases people’s sense of comfort.
  • In the evening, they should be opened to enhance night-time cooling results.
high performance shading

evaya external venetian products

versatile external shade

evaya ev80

    Demanding and adaptable
    Huge 180° tilt range
    Wire cable guidance
    Ando's personal favourite approval guarantee
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100% blackout

evaya ev93D

    Completely blocks out light when closed
    90° tilt range
    Ando's personal favourite approval guarantee
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Proudly manufactured in Australia

external window reveals

Combining European component technology and precision with in house product development has allowed us to develop a unique range specificly designed for an Australian climate.

Evaya ev80 and ev93D External Venetians can be seamlessly integrated into external widow reveals, surrounds and shrouds. Unique colour ranges, profiles and slat geometries allow design freedom and individual expression of style.

Incrementally control the natural entrance of heat, light, glare and privacy. Lighten up a room without it overheating or darken it without sacrificing outside views.

The perfect solution for architectural facades.

Window Reveal With External Venetians
Architectual Home With External Venetians In Window Reveal
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