ev80 & ev93D maintenance

Maintenance / Inspection:

Adjustable and retractable External Venetians require very little maintenance to remain functional. The slat finish may be subject to deterioration dependent solely upon the environment in which they are installed. Appearance and longevity of the finish may be greatly extended by occasional cleaning, the frequency of which is dependent on the environment surrounding them.


  • Avoid damage to positioning mechanisms due to harmful environmental influences by regularly moving them through their complete range of movement at least once.
  • Lubricate keder inserts in side channels with a Silicon spray or approved penetrant. Do not over lubricate as excess may overflow down the channels causing dust collection.
  • Check individual slat pins for corrosion , salt build up and environmental degradation.
  • Examine side guides and remove any soiling or foreign objects (e.g leaf debris, salt,dirt and dust build ups etc.).
  • Examine Cable Tension on Wire Guided Systems and retension as necessary.
  • A cloth or soft sponge may be used to apply lukewarm water with a highly diluted, mild cleaning agent or detergent to the slats. It is imperative that the slats are then rinsed well with clear water. Simply hosing them on a monthly basis is more than sufficient to effectively clean them and prolong their lifespan. Under no conditions should the slats or component finish be scrubbed with an abrasive cleaner or apparatus. Care should be taken when cleaning adjustable External Venetians, to avoid the introduction of liquids on or into the electrical components and connections.
  • Cleaning agents with alkaline, acidic or abrasive active ingredients must not be used. At no time should pressurised or steam cleaning be undertaken. Any of these factors can potentially damage the slats and the specialised coatings on them which are designed to protect them from the external environment.


It is strongly recommended that the standard batteries that are supplied with the Somfy Situo Variation RTS handsets are replaced every year in accordance with the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty. (BATTERY LITHIUM 3V CR2430 ).

Recommended Spare Parts

evaya ev80 and ev93D External Venetians have very few, if any, field replaceable parts. They have no special troubleshooting procedures if properly installed and maintained. If damage should occur it is best to contact the factory for specific recommendations. Substitution of parts is not considered good practice and may result in damage and failure of these systems. Any repairs are to be made solely by evaya.