Demanding and adaptable, the ev80 is by far the most versatile external venetian in the market. The 80mm rolled edge C-Shaped slats allow the blinds to be rotated, stopped and tilted through a 180 degree range of movement, ensuring precise and incremental control of light, heat, glare and privacy.

Available with a suite of side channel systems with the option of alternating or consecutive side guide pinning, ladder locking and the addition of intermediate wire guides for enhanced wind stability, the ev80 is the perfect shading solution for the Australian climate.

Type 1: Wire Guided:

Wire guides are an effective means of anchoring external venetian blinds to their fixings and provide minimal visual obstruction. High quality 316 marine grade stainless steel wire is utilised, which is coated with a UV stable PVC sheath to prevent interference and friction with the slat surface. A unique attachment system fastens the wire to the headrail and numerous options are available as anchoring or termination points, including deck plates and stand offs. It must be noted that, as with all wire guided blinds, wind loading will result in the blind vibrating and resonating and there will always be an associated 20 percent filtering of light through the slats due to their single concave/convex design.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 2.05.30 pm
ev80 slats

Type 2: Side Pins

As a world first, we are pleased to announce the release of a revolutionary new addition to our range. After thorough testing we are able to offer stainless steel side guide pins. A marine grade finish provides the highest level of protection and resistance against salt corrosion. Where stable and refined operation is required the benefits of utilising side channel guidance systems far outweigh any other means of securing external venetians. Side pins, constructed from either Zamac or Stainless Steel, are an innovative means of stabilising and improving the performance of these blinds. These pins are machine riveted to the slats which then engage into the side channels. Each extruded aluminium side guide has a plastic insert (or keder) which acts to minimise friction, resistance and resonance.

Type 3:

Specifications as per Type 2 with the addition of Double Pinning which incorporates Side Pins on both sides of individual slats. This configuration is often recommended in extremely windy settings to enhance performance and stability.

Type 4:

Left Hand Side Channel with Right Hand Wire guide.

Type 5:

Left Hand Wire guide with Right Hand Side Channel.

ev80 venetian blinds down position
ev80 venetian blinds up position

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